A New Community For Overseas Property And Timeshare Owners

By Helen Foster
Timeshare Advice | 17/10/2018
The Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) was established back in 2006 and has grown to be a respected and trusted trade body for professionals around the...

Staying Safe On Holiday – Travel Tips And Advice

By Lorraine Loveland
Timeshare Advice | 03/10/2018
Before you book your holiday and travel, consult with the UK Foreign Commonwealth Office to check if there are any current warnings for the destination you're choosing to holiday in. Generally, these...

How To Buy A Timeshare Or Fractional Holiday Home

By Helen Foster
Timeshare Advice | 19/09/2018
If you don't own timeshare, how do you go about buying it? I have friends who have been invited to sales presentations during their holiday, purchased timeshare and gone on to enjoy many years...

Travel Tips And Hacks To Transform Your Journey

By Sarah Lee
Timeshare Advice | 29/06/2018
With travel mired by increased security, it pays to have some travel tips and hacks up your sleeve to make your journey stress-free and pleasurable. After all, getting to your destination should be...

How To Pass On Your Timeshare And Share The Gift Of Travel

By Lorraine Loveland
Timeshare Advice | 22/06/2018
One of the biggest benefits of timeshare is the opportunity for families to create many holiday memories to last a lifetime. Indeed, some RCI members have told us that the ‘use it or lose it’ concept...

Seven Holiday Planning Tips For A Fantastic Family Holiday

By Donna Merrick, an RCI member
Timeshare Advice | 04/05/2018
The booking of holidays and, unfortunately, the holidays themselves, used to be a disappointing experience. My husband, Ashley, and I would spend hours sitting in travel agencies, explaining our...

How to Travel With Your Pet

By Natasha Hegarty, Travel Writer
Timeshare Advice | 11/04/2018
National Pet Day was founded in 2006 by Colleen Paige – a pet lifestyle expert to raise awareness of pet charities and all the fantastic ways that having a pet can add to your life. If you don't have...

Timeshare - Busting The Myths

By Helen Foster, RCI Staff Member
Timeshare Advice | 21/02/2018
I must have one of the best jobs a person could have. It is a joy! And why is that, you might ask... As the editor of RCI's member magazine, Endless Vacation, I regularly call up our members...

5 Must-Have Gadgets To Transform Your Travels

By Lorraine Loveland, Travel Writer
Timeshare Advice | 12/01/2018
Keep it charged with the Zendure A2 Power Bank Your phone is the one thing you won’t be leaving home without. Keep it stocked up with juice with this high performance power bank that will charge...

Sell my timeshare?

By Helen Foster, Marketing Manager, RCI Europe
Timeshare Advice | 04/10/2017
The timeshare product is changing. Many timeshare ownerships today are sold on a short-term basis of three-, five- and ten-year periods. However, the earliest timeshares that date back 30 years...

Why timeshare?

By Helen Foster. Manager Publications, RCI Europe
Timeshare Advice | 01/09/2017
In a nutshell, that's exactly 'why timeshare?' The British in particular, have long had a love affair with the dream of owning a restful retreat in a rural idyll or within striking distance of a...

Protecting you

Timeshare Advice | 15/08/2017
Deciding to purchase a timeshare is a big decision, so you'll be glad to hear that timeshare owners benefit from a more robust consumer protection legislation than buyers of products and services in...