For those who own timeshare, becoming a member of RCI is the best way of getting as much from your purchase as possible. If you would like to use your timeshare to visit new places and open up your holiday horizons, rather than return to the same destination year after year, RCI has over 4,000 resorts worldwide affiliated to its Holiday Exchange programme to exchange into.

As a new member of RCI, you will receive one of our New Member Kits, featuring everything you will need to kick start exploring the world using RCI Exchange Holidays.

For new members, and those who have been with us for a while and would like a refresher, here are some helpful hints and tips to get you on your way to ensure you get the holidays you want with RCI and the most out of your membership.

Welcome to RCI

After you have registered, your first port of call on should be our new Welcome Centre, which can be accessed by clicking ‘Help’ tab on the top of the page. It has all the information you need, contained in one place, that will help you get the most out of your membership. It is packed with useful links to our offers, benefits and 'how to' guides - we have some practical video tutorials explaining how to use your weeks or points, how to deposit, search, and book a holiday. Let's face it, researching your holiday is an exciting part of the holiday journey.

However, we give much more to our members than a weeks and points exchange service, there are so many incredible benefits that come with an RCI membership and timeshare ownership. The Welcome Centre links to where you can find out all about Guest Certificates - letting you gift friends and family with a holiday, upgrade to our Platinum membership, purchase Extra Holidays, and more.

RCI members enjoy a friendly and helpful community, with many people meeting and staying friends throughout their RCI membership, which is why we have created a new Community Page on There, you will see pictures that our members have sent in to us showing them enjoying their holidays, and there's a link to send your pictures in too if you like. To connect to the wider RCI online community, you will find links to the RCI Facebook and Instagram pages so you can follow, like and share our posts.

Get online savvy

There are several ways to search for a holiday on, by doing the standard search and selecting a region, or clicking a location on a map, but you can also search by what type of holiday you want. For example, you can click the likes of family, beach, skiing, spas, lakes, watersports, golf, and casino holidays, which will give you all the resorts which offer these holiday activities. So if you’re looking for a lakeside holiday, by clicking on that search type, you might find destinations you’d never thought of before. It is a great way to find new destinations around the world to holiday in where you can do everything you love doing while on your break.

Inventory can change by the hour as other members deposit their weeks, so make sure you regularly check to make sure you are seeing the most up to date availability. We've had members tell us they check the website in the morning and again in the evening to see what has cropped up throughout the day, and they are the ones who find some of the best holidays in destinations they might never have chosen before.

If you have your heart set on a particular resort, or have departure dates you can’t be flexible with, but you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can add an Ongoing Search onto your account. This means that we will contact you when your choice - or a close match - becomes available, to save you time.

Deposit early

Planning ahead will ensure you have the widest choice of destinations and resorts to choose from for your next holiday. Remember, if you are a weeks member, by depositing your week(s) as early as possible, you are given the maximum Trading Power value assigned to your week. Trading Power value depends on several factors, including, the more desirable the week is, the size of your resort accommodation, and the resort rating given by other RCI members. So, those who put a little more thought into booking their holidays and plan as far ahead as possible, will be rewarded with a wider selection of resorts.

You can also combine your deposits to put your Trading Power towards a holiday of a higher value, giving you more choice of resorts or weeks away.

Borrow and save points

If you are an RCI Points member, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to borrowing and saving points to get even more holidays out of your membership. If you want to treat yourself to an extra special holiday somewhere far flung, or to an exceptional resort that is usually above your points allocation, then borrowing points from your next year’s allocation, or using saved ones from your last use year, is a great way of getting you access to a larger number of resorts.

You could also visit resorts that are valued at less points than your ownership. This means that you can go on even more holidays using your points - and who doesn’t want more holidays!

You can also use any saved points to put towards travel products through the RCI Points Partner Programme. You can exchange your points for products such as hotel stays, rental cars, attraction tickets and more, saving even more money.

Offers and benefits

As a member of RCI, you have access to so many offers and benefits. Extra Holidays are a great way of booking a holiday without using your weeks or points. So if you’ve used up all your Trading Power or points on other fantastic holidays, then you can book an Extra Holiday by paying cash, often at discounted prices.

If you are able to travel at short notice, you should check out our Late Deals, which are deeply discounted holidays.

These great deals, and much more, can be found under the Offers and Benefits tab on, so have a look and see what is available.

If you own timeshare and are not yet a member of RCI, as you can see, there are so many fantastic opportunities to book holidays all around the world. To become part of our holiday exchange community, click the Join RCI button below and sign up in a few simple steps.

Join RCI

If you're already an RCI member and are looking to book your next holiday, click on the Resort Directory button below and start searching for your next RCI Exchange Holiday. Use the Holiday Types and search filters to open up a wide range of destinations, and you could soon be off on your next big getaway in one of over 4,000 resorts.

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