Welcome to Our Blog, which has been specially designed for timeshare owners. We want to share the many ways you can get real value from your timeshare purchase by opening up a world of fabulous holiday experiences.

Although you can return to holiday at your home resort, most of our members tell us that they bought timeshare to exchange it and to explore the world.

RCI members can choose from 579 resorts in a variety of ski locations.

Using an RCI membership, you could have more than 4,300 resorts in over 100 countries, all affiliated to our Holiday Exchange programme, to choose from. And wherever you travel to in the world, you can rest assured that you'll feel right at home in the spacious, comfy, quality accommodation we have to offer.

Our Blog will bring you the hottest destinations to exchange into, and show you the many ways you can be savvier in getting real value from timeshare using an RCI membership.

A whole menu of international spa treatments are on offer at 1,739 health and spa resorts affiliated to the RCI Holiday Exchange programme.

You can also check out the many different exclusive membership benefits you can access to help you unlock a world of leisure lifestyle and holiday adventure. It's all there waiting for you to discover, whether you are at home, holidaying in the UK or globetrotting.

In addition to bringing you a flavour of the 100+ destinations, and the ever-increasing choice of resorts we have in our Holiday Exchange programme, Our Blog will also provide lots of ideas and helpful travel tips to get you on your way in comfort and style.

RCI golf-loving members are spoilt for choice, with 1,632 golfing locations on which they can tee off, from Jaipur in India to the fine greens of Portugal.

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So without further ado, why not grab a cup of tea, sit back, relax and plan the holiday adventures you could be enjoying as an RCI member.

Many of the resorts RCI has signed up to its Holiday Exchange programme have introduced fabulous activities to make your holiday a truly immersive experience, whether snorkelling, taking lessons at a diving school, and a myriad of other exciting ways to spend your days, there is something to challenge every adventurer if you holiday with RCI membership.

Wishing you happy - and savvy - travels!

RCI prides itself on affiliating high-quality resorts which offer a family all the space, privacy and security they enjoy at home. Having all the comforts of home covered, that leaves you nothing more to think about than discovering and enjoying your holiday destination together.

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