Why have only one holiday home when you could have more than 4,300 to choose from? Jo, an RCI staff member for more than 16 years, shares her insider knowledge on how to make the most of your timeshare with an RCI membership...

Do you own a timeshare, but are unsure what to do with it? Then look no further, because if the idea of a holiday every year, the flexibility to travel to many different places, knowing you will always enjoy stylish and spacious accommodation when you get there, appeals to you, RCI membership will enable you to do and enjoy all of those things with just one week of timeshare ownership.

RCI has designed a membership that gives you more choice than any other timeshare holiday exchange provider in the market today, a service which gives our members quality and service excellence, at home or wherever they may choose to roam on their holidays.

As a young and inexperienced holidaymaker when I started working at RCI, the whole concept of timeshare was pretty alien to me. At that stage in my life, holidays had been cheap package deals to Spain and the Canary Islands. I had no idea what a timeshare was; I simply assumed there was no other choice but to book your holidays via teletext or in a high street travel agency - but oh, how times have changed!

Little did I know then that there was a wide world of holiday options out there, and that timeshare was one of them. Starting out as an RCI Guide, helping our members to get off on holiday, I had to learn about every aspect of what a timeshare holiday, with RCI membership, could bring to our members, and their families and friends. I spoke with many of our members, from the newest to the most experienced timeshare owners, and I learned from them what it was they looked for in their RCI timeshare exchange holidays - and what it was they loved so much about holidaying in this way.

Jo having fun on holiday with her daughter, Rhiannon, and son, Lennon.

The longer I worked with RCI the more I discovered, and the more it made sense to me. I realised that the timeshare owning RCI members I spoke with valued their timeshares because the purchase of a week - in a property at home or abroad - guaranteed a quality holiday, year after year. Better yet, once purchased, they could go on enjoying their holiday for years at a price that was agreed and locked in at the time of purchase, never having to worry about the rising cost of good-quality accommodation when thinking about their holidays. And of course, they only pay for that accommodation once, upfront, so that meant they were able to put more money into the holiday spends kitty every year! What wasn't there to like about that?

But there was even more they liked about holidaying with a timeshare, and I realised that was where RCI membership came in. While people loved the idea of having all the space and comfort of a home-from-home holiday home, giving them much more space and privacy for family and friends holidaying together than a hotel room, they also wanted to be able to visit new places.

The desire to travel and to enjoy different experiences and discover new holiday destinations, with the knowledge your resort and accommodation will be spot on, is what brought many of the members I talked with to RCI membership. RCI membership gives timeshare owners the ability to do just that using either our weeks or points holiday exchange programmes.

Crown Resorts at Club Marbella (2404) benefits from a recent £1.7 million makeover in the creation of its Sapphire Collection apartments.

With an RCI membership, you can exchange your timeshare holiday week with those of other owners and, as an RCI member you would have more than 4,300 resorts in over 100 countries to choose from enabling you to travel the world in comfort. Our members are spoilt for choice because we have sea, sand, lakes, mountains, snow, wellness, spa, and even adventures at sea with cruise options, covered. RCI currently offers almost 50% more exchange holiday resort stay options than any other holiday exchange service provider.

Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife (DE27) is the perfect place for a sunshine holiday - especially for music lovers. Its chic rooms offer iPhone docking stations, high-speed internet access, whirlpool baths and you can even have a Fender guitar delivered to your room!

The holiday exchange programme at RCI is simple to use, once you understand it. Getting to grips with anything new can be a challenge, admittedly, but RCI holiday exchange is worth it for all it will bring to you and your family in the future.

Put simply, our exchange system works by allocating either a trading power or points value to your owned week, depending on which type of membership you choose to take. If you wish to holiday in your home resort, you may do so. If you want to widen your holiday horizons you can do that too. You tell RCI you don't want to use your week by depositing it into our weeks' exchange pool. It is easy and you can do this directly online in your RCI Account management tool, or you can use our live help or call a Guide for assistance. The earlier you deposit your week in its use year, the greater its value will be in using it to book a week away somewhere different.

The value of your week is set depending on a range of criteria such as size of accommodation, seasonality, demand, on-site facilities and more. The benefit of this, compared to other traditional exchange programmes, is that it offers a fair exchange system which when used effectively can actually get you even more holidays! Once members understand how to use their RCI membership to their advantage, they really do see the benefits.

Pearly Grey Ocean Club (1786) on the south west coast of Tenerife overlooks the ocean, while being only minutes from the quaint village of Callao Salvaje and the stunning beaches of Fanabe.

I learned so much as an RCI Guide working in our Call Centre. But it wasn't until I stayed in timeshare properties on holiday myself that I really came to understand what was so special about those holidays. Having two young children, we really appreciated being able to relax in all the space of our apartment, seeing the children so happy with all that room to take over - just as they do at home - while we were able to just kick back and relax. Having such great facilities, we weren't pressured to get dressed up and dash out for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We spent every minute of our holiday as we wanted to and if the children had had a busy day and weren't up for a long night out in a restaurant, we could dine in our lovely apartment or simply pop into one of the on-resort restaurants or bars which are only a few steps away from our apartment.

Risata Bali Resort & Spa (3691) is a four-star resort in this idyllic holiday paradise. Offering all the peace and tranquillity you'd expect to find in Indonesia, this resort surprised by being just steps away from the festive Kartika Plaza Street and the Lippo Mall, Kuta.

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