We have been RCI members for 25 years. There are many things we love about holidaying with our timeshare and RCI, especially using RCI Extra Holidays, together with our exchange weeks, to get fabulous, great value, accommodation for our family and our friends.

Value your exchanges

Being a business owner and a mother, life can get fairly hectic. Taking that time out to relax with my husband, Robin, and my daughter, Isabella, is so important to me. Twenty five years ago, we purchased four weeks of timeshare at Diamond Club Martima (1850), in Lanzarote. Having these weeks each year helps commit me to taking this time, otherwise it would be easy to put holidays off.

I have never actually been to my home resort, having bought timeshare simply to be an RCI member, and be able to make exchanges. Today, I won't hear a word said against timeshare. I believe it's all about knowing the system. If you make good purchasing decisions and deposit quickly to get the maximum benefit, you open up a whole world of adventure.

Maria, Robin and their daughter, Isabella, are passionate about travelling and have enjoyed more than 20 years of contrasting holiday adventure using timeshare with RCI membership.

My weeks are valuable to me. If I'm paying my maintenance, and exchange fees, I want to make sure I get the absolute best holiday I can get with my trading power. When I can get an Extra Holiday for around £195*, it makes sense to keep my exchange weeks for a special holiday and make the most out of a good-value Extra Holiday. When I start searching for my next holiday on RCI.com, I leave the filter open to show me exchange holidays and RCI Extra Holidays - that way I can make the decision as to which is better value for me.

Also, sometimes the check-in dates suit me better on a specific Extra Holiday. I've even been known to book two weeks of Extra Holidays and only actually use 10 days - because the savings on the flights make this worthwhile and it's a simple way to travel at my family's convenience.

The Musgrove-Wethey family rate the consistent quality of timeshare accommodation, together with the space and home-from-home comforts, as the real standouts of holidaying with timeshare ownership.

Maria, Robin and Isabella on a timeshare holiday in Madeira - a favourite destination.

Trust in quality

I do the majority of my holidaying with RCI, because I want stress-free holidays. If I were to go on the internet and search for holidays in Malta in November, for instance, the information I'd get back would be overwhelming. I find it hard to know where to start and I simply don't want to spend my time trawling through pages and pages of information.

I forget which holidays with RCI have been exchanges and which have been Extra Holidays, because the accommodation quality is always the same, and I've come to rely on that. I don't want to have even the slightest concern about what to expect when I arrive somewhere. Will it be clean? Will there be a reception if I'm arriving late at night? With RCI accommodation - I don't have to worry.

When I'm booking a rental with RCI, I do sense check the price on a comparison site, and it's always competitive - so I don't see the point in scouring the net, when I can book with confidence and comfort on RCI.com.

The Pestana Miramar (5440) in Madeira exudes the quality Maria relies on using her RCI membership.

Give your friends something extra

In the past, I have booked Extra Holidays and purchased a Guest Certificate to transfer them to a friend or relative. In 2007, we were going on holiday to Madeira with another couple and had initially planned to share an apartment at the Pestana Miramar (5440). In the end, we decided it made more sense for everyone to have a bit more space. I looked to see what Extra Holidays were available and managed to find a studio apartment at Pestana Village (3725), which shares facilities with the Miramar, for only £100. They were absolutely delighted. You couldn't get one night in a good hotel in Madeira for that price. To top it off, they were actually upgraded to a one-bedroom apartment too!

Another instance was when I transferred an RCI Extra Holiday to a friend, who went to the Macdonald Doña Lola Club (1689), in Málaga. She was so impressed with the quality of the resort, and could see the value in the timeshare product - so much so that it encouraged her to look into purchasing. She spoke so highly of the resorts that I visited myself in May of this year.

The Pestana Village (3725) - a fabulous resort where Maria managed to book her friends a room for a week - for just £100 - using her RCI Extra Holiday and Guest Certificate benefits.

Maria gave a friend a holiday at Macdonald Doña Lola Club (1689), in Málaga, using her RCI Extra Holiday as a gift. Her friend is now looking at a timeshare purchase for her own family, she was so impressed!

Try something different

Back in 2014, when perusing RCI.com, I came across an RCI Extra Holiday in Saint Lucia, at Smugglers Cove Resort and Spa (C373) for only £179. This resort is mandatory all-inclusive, and though I'd never been all-inclusive before and would have to cover the fees, at the time the currency exchange rate on dollars was great, as I was getting two dollars to every pound. This made the all inclusive even better value, and we had a fantastic time. My daughter. then nine, particularly enjoyed the all-inclusive board basis, and I soon discovered that she could eat more than me!

We've had so many wonderful holidays with RCI - and here's to many more.

Maria and her family have travelled the world - at affordable prices - using RCI membership. One memorable trip was to Saint Lucia, back in 2014.

The exotic and lush Smugglers Cove Resort and Spa (C373) was home to Maria and her family in the exquisite Saint Lucia.

What are RCI Extra Holidays?

At RCI, we want to help our members get the Exchange Holidays of their dreams, time after time. To do this, we rely on our members to deposit their unused timeshare weeks into the RCI exchange pool. The earlier RCI members make those deposits of unused owned timeshare weeks, the more choice there is for everyone!

To give our members even more choice and flexibility in their holiday planning, we also secure extra accommodation each year to satisfy member demand. We offer that extra accommodation in the form of great value, RCI Extra Holidays.

Plus, if our members are able to travel within 45 days of booking their holiday, they can use the RCI Late Deals, which are discounted RCI Extra Holidays giving our members yet another great-value holiday option!

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