RCI Holiday Exchange offers our members the opportunity to travel the world, explore new places, create new favourite destinations and really get the most out of their time away on holiday while being assured of quality accommodation, wherever in the world they go. Add to that the increasing variety of leisure lifestyle benefits RCI brings to its members and it is easy to see why RCI has the largest membership base of any holiday exchange company, and why so many members who may let memberships lapse find their way back to holidaying with RCI.

There are occasions when, for so many different reasons, a timeshare owner might not renew their RCI membership. Our personal circumstances are forever in flux and there are times when for instance, due to illness, relationship breakdown, a job move, the arrival of a new baby - or simply a desire to spend more time at their home resort, a member's lifestyle may change and travel might not be possible or desirable for a time.

No matter what the reason, we are happy to report that many of our members do return to RCI membership, telling us that they are ready to travel again and are also appreciative of the many extra leisure lifestyle benefits and the many different holiday opportunities that being an RCI member brings to them and their families during their time out together.

Heather Watson has rediscovered the joys and advantages of being an RCI member and can now use her timeshare to travel the world.

Heather and her family own two fabulous timeshares which, now she has rejoined RCI and is again an RCI member, she can use to take her family off around the world to discover new holiday experiences.

Heather Watson and her husband Peter were members of RCI for a number of years and, with two fantastic timeshares - Las Brisas (1733) in Lanzarote and Fortina (8491) in Malta - found her RCI membership valuable. However, as their children grew up, they found themselves returning to their home resorts far more than they were exchanging and believed they weren’t getting as much use out of their membership as they had when their family was younger and they had travelled more widely.

Las Brisas resort in Lanzarote is one of more than 4,300 resorts around the world which are affiliated to the RCI Holiday Exchange network.

Las Brisas on Lanzarote is one of two fabulous resorts where the Watsons own timeshare. The couple love their home resorts and, after a period of returning to them for their holidays, Heather feels they are now ready to start venturing further abroad for their holidays once again.

Lanzarote is a popular holiday destination with timeshare buyers and it is also home to many RCI-affiliated resorts and so a favourite with RCI members.

Lanzarote is a popular holiday destination with RCI members. The island is noted for the iconic architecture of its most famous son, the late César Manrique, though its natural landscape is very 'other worldly' and not quite like any other you might see on your holiday travels. There are 16 resorts affiliated to RCI on the island.

“We just didn’t use our RCI membership enough to warrant having it for a few years,” Heather told us. “We were members for about eight or nine years when we didn’t have any additional holidays and just went back to our home resorts, as we really love them both, so we dropped out of the RCI holiday Exchange programme for a couple of years.”

Heather decided to return to RCI when her resort in Malta, Fortina (8491), announced it was closing its doors for a complete refurbishment. That's when she and Peter realised they were both going to really miss having that second timeshare holiday that year. Fortunately, at that time when the couple were considering their holiday options to go off on a second getaway, RCI happened to call Heather up to talk with her about why she let her membership lapse, how she had used her membership with her timeshares in the past, as well as what she and Peter were looking for now from their holidays. It was perfect timing for Heather, Peter and RCI, as the couple made the decision to rejoin RCI as a way of getting that much-needed extra holiday using RCI membership, and RCI regained a happy member family.

The Fortina resort in Malta is a high-end spa resort in a prime location on this sunny island. Timeshares for sale on Malta are snapped up as it year-round sunshine and close association with all things British make it a popular holiday choice for UK holidaymakers.

Fortina resort is one of 18 resorts on this sunshine island affiliated to the RCI Holiday Exchange network. Year-round sunshine, ancient towns and pretty villages combine to make this a tourist favourite. It is certainly one of the Watsons' favourite holiday destinations where they own a timeshare and have enjoyed many holidays at one of their home resorts, Fortina.

Malta is a beautiful holiday escape and, if you are retired and are able to take your holidays round the year, its fabulous year-round climate makes it perfect for a holiday anytime of the year.

Malta, like so many of the holiday destinations where you'll find RCI-affiliated resorts, enjoys a long season with year-round sun making it an ideal escape for those who are retired, or are their own boss, and can take their holidays whenever they want, all around the year in the off-peak season.

“One of the resorts where we own timeshare, Fortina on the island of Malta, has closed down for three years to undertake a major refurbishment. We have grown so used to taking a couple of holidays each year using our timeshare, so the news that we were unable to holiday there due to the refurbishment closure was a shock to us. We knew we'd miss that second break in the quality accommodation we know we get with our timeshare apartments.

"It was then we got the call from RCI, which couldn't have come at a better time. After talking to the RCI Guide and thinking about the options being able to exchange our timeshare week gave us, we decided to renew our RCI membership so we could have another holiday week to make up for the one we were losing.

“We’re off in March for a couple of weeks with RCI after renewing our membership and becoming RCI members again. We’re going to Sunset Beach Club (1469) in Benalmádena in Spain. We’re really looking forward to being able to enjoy our second week away, as we always have, as well as visiting somewhere different from our home resorts, as we had done when our children were younger.”

Buying timeshare is a way of ensuring you have all the space and comforts of home you need to holiday with a young family, like the RCI family members pictured here.

Heather and Peter benefitted from the space of timeshare accommodation, having a young family. Now the couple's children have flown the nest, they are looking forward to using their timeshare in a different way with the help of RCI membership now that they have come back to RCI with a renewed membership.

By renewing their membership, Heather and Peter will now be holidaying in a new destination and exploring a new place outside their home resorts.

For the majority of RCI members, this is the primary reason they buy timeshare - to join RCI and then use it to exchange into other amazing places around the world. It is surprising how many of our members tell us that they have never visited their home resort and used their owned week, choosing to buy it because it has a strong trading power or points value thereby giving them access to more exchange options or even extra weeks away if they choose to 'trade down'!

After holidaying around their growing family and busy working life, Heather and her husband are now looking forward to holidaying as a couple and taking the time to enjoy some more of the RCI membership benefits they previously missed out on. Heather explained: "Being retired now, with the children all grown up, Peter and I think we will be able to get a lot more out of our timeshare with our RCI membership because we are now in position to be much more spontaneous in our holiday planning."

“We have always thought about using RCI Late Deals," said Heather. "But I’m a planner, and I usually like to book holidays well in advance. But my husband Peter has just retired so now we could jet off at a moment’s notice - even next month if we wanted to.

“The Late Deals are brilliant value for money. Now we’re RCI members again - and have the time and flexibility in holiday dates - we’ll probably be taking one of those holidays soon.”

For those looking to get the most out of their RCI membership, Late Deals are another fantastic way of getting away but without depositing your week(s).

Late Deals are typically available to buy and book less than six weeks before check-in, so if you fancy a last-minute beach holiday, or want to hit the slopes before the snow melts, they are a perfect pick for you. The accommodation is at RCI affiliated resorts, so you can expect the same quality as with our Exchange Holidays, with the same fantastic facilities and amenities, it just means you have to pack your case a little quicker!

RCI Extra Holidays and RCI Late Deals are a great way to access value for money holidays is amazing holiday resorts such as the Sunset Beach Club in Spain.

Sunset Beach Club is one of 112 resorts affiliated to RCI in Spain and available to RCI members. It is going to be the next holiday stop for Heather and Peter, who are now looking forward to trying something - and somewhere - different from their home resorts in Malta and Lanzarote.

If you are a little more of a planner, as Heather is, but still want the option to take more time away on impulse from time to time, RCI membership gives you access to RCI Extra Holidays. Extra Holidays are additional weeks' holiday that you can buy, as an RCI member at great value discounted rates. Some members simply take them as standalone holidays to get an extra week away on holiday. Other members like to use them to top up their exchange week break, turning it into a two-week getaway, while some use it to take their family and friends away on holiday with them at the same time as they take their exchange to make it an extra-special time to remember.

Heather and Peter are now looking forward to exploring a wider world of holiday places, spaces and experiences open to them as RCI exchanging members, as well as exploring the many leisure lifestyle benefits becoming available to RCI members since they originally joined RCI many years ago.

Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands - a world away from the UK, but just a few hours' flight and you could be sunning yourself on a beach like this.

Owning timeshare at one resort in, say, the pretty English countryside, gives you the opportunity to swap that holiday time for a stay somewhere completely different, such as the rugged and unique beauty of Lanzarote, pictured. But you do need join a holiday exchange company such as RCI to be able to do that. RCI is able to offer its members more than 4,300 resorts across the world to choose from, from mountain highs to sizzling coastlines, chilling out in a hot spa to relaxing on a lakeside beach, from golf to shopping - as an RCI member your holiday options are many and varied.

If you already own timeshare, but hadn't realised that the exchange and holiday swap options were open to you through RCI membership - or perhaps you have let your RCI membership lapse and reading this has got you thinking about what you're missing out on - you can join or rejoin RCI to start your travel adventures now by clicking on the button below and join RCI in just a few simple steps. You are just a click away from the start of your journey...

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