With 4,300 holiday resorts across more than 100 countries and six continents signed up to RCI Exchange Holidays, RCI members have a world of choice when it comes to selecting a holiday destination. We know our members always want more ways to holiday and yet more choice of destinations to give them greater value from their timeshare ownership, which is why RCI sources additional holiday accommodation each year to offer its members as Extra Holidays. These cost-effective rental holidays are proving to be a popular additional RCI membership benefit.

This is the Sunset Harbour Club (1759), an RCI Gold Crown resort close to the old town of Adeje, on the sunny Canarian island of Tenerife. It is an example of the additional accommodation which RCI acquires especially to offer its members as Extra Holidays. This resort is close to the exclusive Puerto Colon Marina and harbour, as well as to the beautiful Torviscas Beach. On-site guests have many amenities, including swimming pool, bar and a children's play area.

Each year RCI acquires additional stylish accommodation in prime holiday hot spots to give our members more choice in their holiday planning. This accommodation is known as RCI Extra Holidays and is offered at great value prices to our members. Like exchange availability, the accommodation RCI secures to offer as Extra Holidays changes from month to month, so it is always worth keeping an eye out for your RCI membership magazine, Endless Vacation, and emails, as well as on RCI.com, to be sure you are among the first to see what's new...

The best thing about these Extra Holidays is that you don't have to use your timeshare weeks or points to book them - they are cash only holidays offered to RCI members at competitive rates as a membership benefit. This means that as an RCI member, if you have used all your weeks and points allocation, Extra Holidays are there to give you another holiday option to get off on an extra getaway.

The Santa Bárbara Golf & Ocean Club (3489) is set within its own beautifully landscaped gardens. Also an RCI Gold Crown resort - meaning it is highly rated by RCI members - this resort is very family-friendly with lots of facilities for children and a restaurant serving international cuisine. To be found in San Miguel de Abona, on the southern side of Tenerife, the resort is close to a championship golf course, restaurants, shops and bars, as well as to the natural splendour of Mount Teide. Drinks can be enjoyed overlooking the ocean, followed by live on-site entertainment in the evenings, or a dance at the resort's disco.

Offers and deals

RCI is currently offering an additional 5% discount on the price of its Extra Holidays for those members who like to go online to book their holiday using their online account, which can be managed easily, 24/7, through RCI.com.

PLUS - If you can travel within 45 days of booking your holiday, then you should check RCI.com for the even greater value Late Deals. We all have to move quickly on these Late Deals, as they are Extra Holiday accommodation which are discounted even further because they only become available at the last minute!

Extra Holiday accommodation is sourced by RCI the world over. As an RCI member, you can just as easily find yourself off to the hills in Germany as to the sun-drenched Canary Islands. For example, this picturesque RCI Gold Crown resort, Ferienclub Oberstaufen - Mondi (2029), sits on the pretty southern slopes of Oberstaufen. Six apartment houses in traditional Alpine style comprise the accommodation, while tennis courts, a restaurant, a spa and a fully-equipped gym are just some of the leisure facilities to be enjoyed on the resort complex.

Extra Holidays - and Late Deals - give you the chance to spend more time enjoying some downtime having fun in the holiday destinations you love, or discovering exciting new ones that may well become firm favourites of the future for you and your family. And all at very affordable prices, exclusive to RCI members.

By being clever in the way you use your RCI membership, you can either take more great value Extra Holidays for yourself each year, or you can book additional accommodation using Extra Holidays to take family and friends away with you if you are on an Exchange Holiday of your own. Holidaying in this way, you benefit from all that extra space and the privacy afforded by booking another apartment to accommodate an extended holiday group. The best of it is that you don't need to use your weeks or points to take advantage of these holidays!

You can also purchase an RCI Guest Certificate to give your family and friends an Extra Holiday treat they can enjoy on their own, as a gift from you.

Offering so much space, privacy and many home comforts, Extra Holiday accommodation is perfect for a family holiday. The Royal Tenerife Country Club (3061), yet another resort deserving of RCI's highest Gold Crown status, demonstrates just how comfortable the accommodation is. Beyond the resort, with all its own on-site activities, you will discover the island's history, sample delicious local food, explore ancient villages and towns perched high on hills or winding down towards the coast, or visit one of the island's waterparks for some family fun under the sun!

What our members say

Increasing numbers of our members are seeing the value in Extra Holidays and using them, often in conjunction with their RCI Exchange Holidays, to bring more flexibility and choice to their holiday planning using RCI membership. Three of our members, John, Tracie and Maria, share how they use these extra RCI leisure benefits to get more from timeshare ownership.

Seeing the world

It was 29 years ago that John Crawford became an RCI member. After a career as a flight engineer that took John and his family all over the world, John saw timeshare with exchange membership as a way of continuing to travel with his family. John then owned six weeks of timeshare and has since become an RCI Points member, and Extra Holidays have always been used as a way of giving his family a wider experience of the world at affordable prices.

"I had seen a lot of the world through my job, and by using my RCI membership, it has been my intention to see the rest - where possible," says John. "We have used Extra Holidays to extend some of our long-haul trips and have used them with exchange to travel to several destinations across the US mainland, Hawaii, the Canadian mainland, Vancouver Island, New Zealand and South Africa, as well as to visit some beautiful European destinations.

"We are holidaying closer to home this November. We are off to Lindisfarne, otherwise known as the 'Holy Island', just off the northeast coast of England. For me, this will be a special holiday as Lindisfarne has been on my travel bucket list for a long time and so I'm going to be ticking that one off soon. RCI Extra Holidays will play its part in making that time special as we are booking an Extra Holiday so that we can take our family with us, and we are staying in a lovely cottage together - Murton White House in Berwick-upon-Tweed."

John Crawford has been an RCI member for 29 years and regularly uses Extra Holidays, together with his Exchange Holidays, to get to visit the parts of the world he has yet to see. As a flight engineer, John developed the travel bug and, since retirement, John, his wife Nora, and their family carry on travelling together using RCI membership.

A fabulous sunset has always been a holiday highlight for John and Nora - and they have seen them in more countries than you can count on their travels. This one John wanted to share was taken by him on holiday in Mexico. Sitting with their drinks in hand as they watch the sun go down is the perfect end to the day for this adventurous couple.

Perfect for families

Another member who gets the most out of RCI membership is Tracie Bushell. She has been an RCI member since 1996 and having a daughter, together with a close family, she values the access to larger properties and accommodations affording greater privacy than a hotel room. She explained: "People just don't realise what you can get out of RCI membership. We had an incredible villa holiday, for example, in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. It was a beautiful, large property, in a quiet residential location close to perfect seafront walks.

"I use Extra Holidays for the long-haul holidays to give us more time away, or the opportunity to take family members with us too. Extra Holidays, used with my Exchange Holidays, have taken my family out to New Zealand, as well as to New York for my sister-in-law's 40th birthday celebrations. Holidaying this way makes extra special holidays very affordable."

Tracie, pictured right, enjoying a splash of fun in the pool of her Extra Holiday villa accommodation in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. The space and comfort afforded by the timeshare and Extra Holiday accommodation offers Tracie a perfect solution for taking her multi-generational family group away on holiday with her at great value prices that don't bust the budget.

A clever approach

There is nothing that RCI member of 26 years, Maria Musgrave-Wethey, hasn't done with her RCI membership to get great holidays for her family, including making good use of Extra Holidays. "My weeks are valuable to me. If I'm paying my maintenance and exchange fees on them, I want to make sure I get the absolute best holiday I can get with my trading power," she explains. "When I can get a Late Deal holiday for around £195 it makes sense to keep my exchanges for special holidays, while I can make the most out of these great value rental holidays from RCI."

Maria has some clever tips on the benefits of using Extra Holidays, as she explains: "The check-in dates can suit me better on the Extra Holidays. I've been known to book two weeks of Extra Holidays and only actually use 10 days because the savings on our flights make this worthwhile. I forget which of my holidays with RCI have been exchanges or Extra Holidays, as the quality of the resorts and the accommodation is always the same and I've come to rely on that. On one holiday to Madeira with another couple we initially planned to share an apartment at the Pestana Miramar (5440). In the end, we decided it made more sense for everyone to have a little more space and privacy. I looked to see what Extra Holidays were available and found a studio apartment at Pestana Village (3725), which shares facilities with the Miramar, for only £100. Our friends were delighted, especially as they were upgraded by the resort to a one-bedroom apartment. You couldn't get a night in a good hotel in Madeira for that price!"

Maria with husband, Robin, and daughter Isabella, captured during a memorable moment on holiday in Antigua. Using the holiday search filters on RCI.com, and visiting the website regularly to look out for the deals, Maria is delighted with the holidays she and her family have got away on using both her Exchange Holidays and Extra Holidays. "When booking with RCI, I do always sense check the price on comparison sites, and it's always a competitive pricing," says business owner and busy mother, Maria.

Building flexibility and choice into holiday options is a priority for all the various teams working within RCI to deliver a fabulous world of holidays to our members. It is always an inspiration and an encouragement for us to hear feedback from our members, such as the stories shared here by John, Tracie and Maria. These RCI members - and others like them - are using RCI membership, to get the value out of their timeshare ownership that it was designed to deliver. If you are a timeshare owner and an RCI member, we hope that you too have taken inspiration from this blog and will bring Extra Holidays and Late Deals into your holiday lifestyle with RCI.

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