Purchasing timeshare is a carefully thought out decision and one you make based on your passion for holidays, so it’s only right that you want to get the most from it.

As well as the plentiful benefits that being a member of RCI brings, you can also enjoy regular offers throughout the year. More offers mean more holidays… And some stays at resorts might not even cost you a penny, with our 'Buy One, Get One Free' holidays!

Deals can vary between our RCI Weeks and RCI Points products, but many special offers apply for both.

If you are a regular traveller, RCI has some great offers and benefits that could take you to some incredible destinations.

Trading Power Discounts

RCI Weeks members can save on trading power values with our regular discounts. The exchange fee remains at the standard price per week, but the trading power can be dropped to as little as 3. You could find a holiday with a regular trading power value of 30 discounted to 15, or a week usually valued at 20 on offer with a trading power of just 9, for example.

This means you could stay at a resort usually out of your reach; escape during high season, or book a larger accommodation unit than you would normally have the trading power for. Alternatively, book two units for the same week, at the same resort, to take friends or family along with you.

Our trading power discounts also mean you could sneak in an additional escape by combining Deposit Credits left over from your main trip. They may not give you enough trading power value for an Exchange Holiday under normal circumstances.

As an example, if the week you own usually provides you with a trading power value of 20 once deposited, you could book your main holiday, plus maybe two more during a discount period.

Discounted dates and resorts could be outside peak dates and times or have close-date availability, but there are usually some popular options in there too. Resorts in Europe, the US and other continents can be discounted at different times, so it’s always worth signing into RCI.com regularly to view the current deals.

You can see the latest deals advertised on your member account homepage, and also from the ‘Offers and Benefits’ header running throughout your account: just select ‘Your latest offers’ to see the current discounts. You can also search for 'Exchange Holidays' and check the ‘Deals’ box to serve up a list of all current holidays which feature a discounted trading power.

Make sure you check RCI.com regularly to find out the latest offers.

Make sure you check RCI.com regularly to find out the latest offers.

Be ready for the off!

RCI Points members are guaranteed monthly points deals, with discounted points values of up to 50% off the regular Exchange Holiday value. Travel dates can be up to ten months in advance, so you can plan ahead.

Each month, we update the resorts so it’s worth looking to see which dates and destinations have been added. This is the perfect opportunity to experience a location you may not have previously considered for your main holiday - and also a great way of using up any points left over from your main annual holiday.

We also offer points discounts for late bookings. The exchange fee remains the same, but points values are discounted heavily as the start date of the holiday draws closer.

Book 45-31 days prior to check-in to save 10% on points values; book 30-15 days in advance to save 25%, or get a fantastic 50% off when you book 14 days prior to your check-in date.

These discounts apply to all available RCI Points Exchange Holidays and when you consider the exchange fee remains the same, regardless of the size of the accommodation you’re booking, anywhere in the world, you really start to see the true value of your RCI membership in perspective!

Be ready for the sales to bag yourself a cheaper holiday deal.

Be ready for the sales to bag yourself a cheaper holiday deal.

Everyone loves a sale

Both RCI Weeks and RCI Points members will see regular Extra Holiday sales throughout the year too. Extra Holidays are like regular bookings made with cash and don’t require you to exchange points or trading power. This allows you to experience the quality of the resorts signed up to RCI Holiday Exchange, with prices starting at £229* per accommodation unit, per week, regardless of the number of bedrooms.

If you’re able to travel at short notice, it’s definitely worth searching our Late Deals, as they start from just £195* and, as with all RCI-booked accommodation, you pay for the accommodation unit rather than per person. These are discounted at 45 days before the travel date.

The icing on the holiday cake are our infamous ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ Extra Holiday sales.

This offer gives you the chance to book from a selection of Extra Holiday booking options, and choose a second free week from a range of eligible resorts and dates.

Use this offer to secure your next two seasons’ holidays at the same time.

Or, subject to availability, you could book two accommodation units at the same resort for the same dates to take your friends and family along to experience the comfort of the resorts which are available as RCI Exchange Holidays.

However you choose to go on holiday, being a member of RCI gives you plenty of flexibility to explore the world in a way that suits you - and you may even get a discount along the way!

If you want some winter sun, check out Extra Holidays and Late Deals and you could be packing your bags to hit the beach.

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*Offers correct as of 08.08.18