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Like most great companies, it all started with an idea. In 1974, Jon and Christel DeHaan set out to add greater value to the timeshare experience when they pioneered the vacation exchange concept. The DeHaans developed a system that allowed owners to exchange time at their home resort for a stay at a different affiliated property—delivering a new level of flexibility and choice to timeshare owners and revolutionizing an industry in the process

Today, RCI remains the leader in vacation exchange, offering the world’s largest vacation exchange network and providing unrivaled products and services to enhance the vacation ownership experience. It’s one of the many reasons why more resorts trust RCI to deliver vacation exchange services to its subscribing members than any other company across the globe.

Through ourcore exchange programs, RCI Weeks®, RCI Points® , RCI helps its members take the vacations of their dreams and explore the world through approximately 4,300 affiliated resorts in more than 100 countries.* Members can also enjoy other great deals on rental opportunities, cruises and transportation as well as a host of other travel and lifestyle benefits through the RCI Platinum® and RCI Gold® membership tiers.

At RCI, we understand that no matter how busy life gets, you cherish the time you set aside each year to get away and create memories that will last a lifetime. And it’s because your vacation means the world to us® that we are so dedicated to delivering vacation memories that last a lifetime.


Why RCI?

*These vacations are limited and subject to availability based on value-for-value vacation exchange principles.

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