Pauline and Tom Crozier have enjoyed a lifetime of timeshare holidays with RCi membership. They have now shared their love of timeshare with lifelong friends, the Maclarens, by recommending they buy timeshare and join RCI to get the best out of it.

How often have you said to your friends: "You'd have just loved it!"? More times than you can count I should think!

If you are part of something special, such as timeshare holidays and RCI membership, and you often find yourself thinking that you know your family and friends would get a lot out of it themselves, do you care enough to share it? As RCI members, my husband Tom, and myself, have loved every minute of every RCI exchange holiday over 30 years of owning our timeshare. Our friends, Carol and Tom Maclaren, have always valued their holidays and look forward to taking time out with their family and friends, and they also became timeshare owners six years ago. It made complete sense to encourage them to get more from their timeshare by recommending they join RCI as well so that they can exchange time in their home resort for stays in the thousands of others around the world that are in the RCI holiday exchange programme. I'm pleased to say that our friends are now RCI members.

Pauline and Tom have enjoyed using their timeshare with RCI exchange holidays so much, that they have now introduced their friends to the world of holiday swaps with RCI membership.

Why RCI?

Tom and I bought timeshare 30 years ago at Kilconquhar Castle Estate and Country Club (0493) in Fife, Scotland. While we have always returned to our home resort, as well as others in Scotland, we have also used our timeshare with RCI membership to enjoy a world of holidays around the globe. We live in Fife and so have a great affinity with the splendid Scottish countryside. We are regular visitors to Staffin, in the Isle of Skye, it is such a relaxing rural retreat and the scenery is simply stunning.

Pauline and Tom bought their timeshare 30 years ago at Kilconquhar Castle Estate and Country Club (0493) in Fife, Scotland. They have now spent three decades travelling the world with their children using timeshare ownership with RCI holiday exchange.

However, we love the freedom to travel, safe in the knowledge that wherever you go in the world, you will always get good quality accommodation in the timeshare properties which are signed up to the RCI holiday exchange programme.

We actually bought our timeshare to exchange it to allow us to stay in different holiday places and we have travelled the world with RCI, most recently celebrating my 60th birthday on Australia's Gold Coast. Having converted our owned week at Kilconquhar to RCI Points, we found that we can get three weeks' holiday from our RCI Points each year now.

The Croziers used their RCI membership to take them to the other side of the world to celebrate Pauline's 60th birthday in Australia.

We like to plan well ahead to get the holidays we really want, being careful to save, combine and borrow our RCI Points to give us more holiday choice. Tom regularly checks out resort availability on when we are holiday planning and, as soon as he sees a resort come up we want, he grabs it! He's very good now at using the website and booking online for us. In February next year, Tom has booked us into a resort in Orlando, Florida, for a pre-cruise stay, before we board our cruise ship and sail off. What a lovely relaxed way to start our cruise!

The Croziers book well in advance to get the holidays they want with RCI. Next year's big holiday is already booked... A pre-cruise stay in Orlando, before setting sail.

Though being retired now, we also have the benefit of being able to dash off on a last-minute getaway and so take advantage of the RCI sales. We got a wonderful break in the Scottish Borders as an '11th hour' booking with RCI using some points we had left over from our year's booking.

Introducing friends to RCI

Our friends, Carol and Tom, bought their timeshare at Kilconquhar six years ago. They liked the area, Elie in Fife, so much that they recently moved to live just down the road from their timeshare. That was great, only visiting their timeshare is now no longer a holiday for them...

Carol told me that she and her husband now wanted to spread their holiday wings and see some more of the world. As far as we are concerned, RCI membership is the best way to do just that, so we recommended RCI membership and Carol and Tom were delighted. She said they had often heard us talking about exploring different places all over the world, in good quality, spacious accommodation, and they are both now thrilled that we have helped them to do the same.

Because I used RCI's 'Recommend A Friend' programme, RCI gave both Carol and myself £50 credit each on our RCI Accounts to put towards our next RCI exchange holiday treat. That was a nice bonus for us both.

The timeshare we bought sleeps eight people, enabling us to take our children away with us, benefitting from lots of space and privacy in our accommodation which made our family holidays as easy and comfortable as possible. Now our children are too grown up to holiday with us each and every time we go away, we are discovering another benefit of timeshare. Having kept our larger accommodation ownership, we now regularly invite timeshare-owning friends to join us for a few days on our holiday, having the bedrooms and space to accommodate them. They do the same for us. This way we all get several extra little holidays each year by using up the extra space in each of our timeshare accommodations for a few days of one another's holidays.

Pauline, pictured left, and her timesharing friend Carol, both love to travel and are happily raising a glass to the great adventures that lie ahead.

We were pleased to learn that our friends Carol and Tom have deposited their week good and early to make sure they maintain its full trading power to give them more exchange holiday choice with RCI. The next step is to get my Tom over to their place to take them through the RCI online planning and booking systems on the website - and the sooner the better, so we can start sharing RCI exchange holidays with Carol and Tom as well!

If you are an RCI member and you have friends who have not yet joined a holiday exchange membership, why not encourage them to join RCI and earn yourself - and your friends - £50 credit towards an RCI exchange holiday? To make your timeshare-owning friends into RCI members, ask them to click on the button below which will take them through to our Join RCI page. Then click on the orange 'Join RCI' button on that page to find the RCI membership enrolment forms. In completing the form, when they get to the 'Membership Information' section, please be sure to tell them to enter the Recommend A Friend promotional code: RFRL in the Promotion Code box, PLUS enter your own RCI membership ID number, to ensure that both you and your friend receive your £50 credit 'Thank You' from your RCI team.

If you are a timeshare owner, but are not yet a member of a holiday exchange membership, allowing you to swap your timeshare for the thousands of others around the world, you can enrol yourself to RCI membership by clicking on the button below in just a few simple steps.

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