It’s nice to show just how much you love and appreciate your mum for all the years of cooking, ferrying you about here and there, and making sure you have enough clean socks. They really do need spoiling now and then, so Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to treat the mother figure in your life - whoever they are.

This year in the UK, Mother's Day falls on Sunday, March 11, so make sure that date is in your diary and start planning something special as a 'thank you'.

Whether you want to make a handmade gift, a good Sunday dinner with all the trimmings, or go all out with something lavish like a holiday or a spa trip, there’s no doubt your gesture will be worth it.

Here are just a few ideas on how to have a great day with your mum.

Go back to basics

Chocolates are always a good call on Mother's Day as a way of telling your Mum how much you love her.

If you're looking for a gift for your mum for Mother's Day, a box of her favourite chocolates will go down a treat. If you're really lucky, she might let you have one or two as well!

There’s no need to think outside the box or spend a fortune on something over the top, keeping things nice and simple is a great way of showing you care. There is nothing wrong with the good old favourite of giving flowers as a Mother’s Day gift, but you can make it a little more special. Get her favourite flowers. Another brilliant idea for a thoughtful gift is to buy a photo frame and pop in a picture of you both to give her - a lovely gift.

Flowers are Mother's Day favourite, but be sure to check and find out if she has a favourite flower and get a lovely bouquet made up for her.

A bunch of flowers will cheer up any room - and make a really lovely present too. Most people have their favourite flowers, so find out which ones your mum likes the best and buy those.

Go handmade

You don’t have to be an artist or crafter-extraordinaire to make a great gift from scratch - as long as it’s personal and from the heart, it’ll go down a treat. Make a card rather than buying one, they’re always more special, as you’ve put time and effort into it, and the fortunate recipient will no doubt keep it.

Though, it’s not just about the handmade gifts that your mum can keep forever. What about handmade sweet treats? Rather than buying a box of chocolates, give making your own dessert a go - or go the whole distance and make dinner. It’ll be worth it.

Handmade gifts are so special and are often treasured for many years to come, so put a little handmade effort into your Motehr's day card.

Something handmade with a lot of thought (as well as sweat, tears and glue) will really be appreciated. You never know, your mum might even keep a handmade card for years to come.

RCI benefits

If you are an RCI member, there are so many benefits that you can use in so many ways for you and your family. Many of these can be used as a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day. Guest Certificates are a brilliant gift - who doesn’t love a free holiday? If you’re an RCI member, Guest Certificates only cost £41 and are so easy to arrange.

RCI Memebrship if your passport to a world of wonderful holidays, as well as to a whole menue of treats for the family, including holidays.

Who doesn't love a holiday? For RCI members and their families, it is easy to get away on a special holiday - or send your loved ones away - using some of the incredible benefits on offer from RCI.

RCI members for 28 years, Margaret Burnell and her husband Charles, first purchased their timeshare in 1989 and straight away joined RCI to take advantage of holiday exchanging. They love using Guest Certificates to treat their friends and family to a getaway.

“We have used Guest Certificates to allow friends and family to enjoy great exchange holidays," Margaret told us. “The process is so simple in that once a resort has been chosen on, you just click on the icon to add a Guest Certificate. An email is then sent to us and to the recipient of the exchange. So simple!”

So, what are you waiting for?

Margaret and Charles Burnell have been RCI members for 26 years and are very savvy in using all the benefits of RCI membership, including RCI Guest Certificates to take their family and friends away on holiday.

RCI members, Margaret and Charles Burnell, have made use of RCI's Guest Certificates to send their friends and family on holidays all around the world. A holiday is the ultimate gift, so if you want to really treat your mum, go for this option.

RCI members also have the choice of upgrading to RCI Platinum which comes with so many benefits, you’ll be spoilt for choice in ways to treat your mum on the special day. Thanks to the complimentary tastecard+ that comes with the membership, you can go out for a great meal for half the price. It gives you significant discounts on food bills and even offers 2-for-1 meals at more than 6,900 restaurants in the UK. So with those savings, you might even be able to stretch to a nice bottle of wine at dinner too.

As well as food and drink, the tastecard+ also includes discounts on hotel bookings at participating UK hotels, as well as on theatre and cinema tickets, so you can really make a weekend of it.

RCI Platinum membership brings many lesiure and lifestyle benefits to your family, discounts on attraction tickets and dining through free tastecard+

RCI Platinum members have the added bonus of being able to enjoy discounts at restaurants, on days out attractions, theatre and cinema tickets, and much more. Just think about all the amazing ways you could treat your mum this Mother's Day using an RCI Platinum membership..

Before you head into town to watch a fabulous musical or nibble on some popcorn in front of the latest box office hit in the cinema, the discounts offered by tastecard+ also include lovely days out such as afternoon tea. So, if you're not the best at making cucumber sandwiches, going to a fancy hotel for a bite to eat and a cuppa before a good night out will make your mum feel really appreciated.


Let’s face it, there’s nothing more relaxing than putting your feet up and being pampered, especially when you’re on holiday. Thankfully, the tastecard+ also includes discounts on participating spas too. Let your mum unwind for a day or two with long, leisurely swims, rejuvenating saunas, relaxing massages. Bliss.

A spa-day treat is the perfect 'girly' gift and there can't be many mums who would say no to a day of pampering.

For the ultimate relaxation gift, a spa trip will be much appreciated by whoever you are spoiling this Mother's Day. Let them put their feet up and get pampered for the day.

​Though, if you have sent your mum away on a holiday using the Guest Certificate benefit, many RCI-affiliated resorts have a spa centre on resort, so you could call ahead and book a spa treatment as a gift for your mum. It will be a lovely surprise, and make her holiday even more special.

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to get away with your mum, so make the most of RCI’s fantastic benefits to really enjoy your day. So no matter who you’re spoiling this Mother’s Day - your mum, step-mum, grandma, your dad or a friend - we hope you have a lovely time, having fun and making memories with those you love the most.

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