We’ve been going crazy for these fantastic travel apps to help inspire holiday h-app-iness! Goodbye jet lag and hello handy packing list with these six great mobile apps to transform your travels.

Travel apps that can be accessed on your moble phone and tablets are the perfect accessory to getting the best from your time away on holiday.

We're glued to our mobile phones and tablets these days because we can access to much useful information and advice on them through the internet, especially when it comes to travel. There are so many apps you can download to your mobile devices which will travel with you and help to make sure you get the most out of your holiday.

Jet Lag Calculator

There is now even an app to help fight off jet lag - the Jet Lag Calculator.

There's nothing worse than jet lag. Feeling sleepy and groggy isn't a great way to begin or end a holiday, but help is at hand. The Jet Lag Calculator can be downloaded onto your phone and it promises to help you get a great night's sleep.

Reduce jet lag with this nifty calculator that uses your flight information to tailor the perfect plan for the best night’s sleep. Travelling across different time zones can get our body clock out of sync, making you tired, miserable and groggy. Enter your details three days before you fly and it will prepare your very own, personalised, plan to get you back to normal in no time at all.

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Citymapper - an app that gives you the lowdown on local transport in your holiday location. This detail can be accessed offline - so you don't need to find a WiFi area!

No one wants to be hanging around waiting for public transport, but with the Citymapper, it makes it so much easier. All the information is available offline so you don't have to worry about trying to find a WiFi signal, which might be a challenge when you're in a new place.

If you’re planning on using public transport when you’re visiting a new city, download the Citymapper app to check out the latest arrival and departure times of buses and subways offline. It will even alert you when you need to get off the bus or subway at the right stop - perfect for when you’re visiting somewhere for the first time.

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TripIt is a great app which collates all your travel and booking information together, in order, Takes the pain out of searcing thruogh your Inbox for vital dates, times and documents.

TripIt is a great app which collates all your travel and booking information together in the correct order. It is much easier than trying to flick through your inbox to locate the car hire confirmation while there's a queue of people behind you!

Lots of flight and resort confirmations flying around? Keep your itinerary at hand with TripIt. Simply email all your confirmations to the app and it will put your schedule together for an at-a-glance view. Plus, if you’re travelling in a group it’s perfect for sharing your travel plans with each other.

RCI Tip: We will email you your holiday exchange confirmation to you. Simply forward this to TripIt to include your resort check-in date on your itinerary. And if you are travelling in a group, why not purchase an RCI Guest Certificate so your friends and family can come along too?

Wolfram Sun Exposure

Sunburn - it is never going to happen to you, right? But it will. Unless you use the Wolfram Sun Exposure app which will direct you when to be in, and out, of the sun and still stay safe and healthy.

If you're in a different country, the sun might be a lot stronger than you thought. The Wolfram Sun Exposure app will help determine when the safest time to be out and about is, depending on the strength of the sun. Very handy!

We cannot stress the importance of sun safety enough, and this neat little app helps you manage your time in the rays safely. Simply enter a few details about your skin type and it will calculate the strength of the sun where you are, together with the best exposure times for you, so that you can avoid getting sun burn.

RCI Tip: From the classic sunshine shores of Tenerife to the far flung silky sands of the Caribbean, there are so many glorious destinations to discover with RCI, but we know it is important to stay sun safe, wherever you travel.


Packpoint app is a packing lifesaver, helping you to pack without the stress of having to remember everything and wonder what you have forgotten.

For most people, packing is the most laborious and stressful part of the holiday process. Choosing what to pack, depending on the weather and what you might be doing, can be annoying. That's where the Packpoint app comes in as a suitcase packing lifesaver!

Making a packing list for each trip is time consuming and sometimes it's impossible to plan for all eventualities. This organisation app is perfect for planning the things you might need for different activities, as well as taking care of the general items you’ll need to throw in your case. It even checks the weather for where you’re travelling to and will populate some ideas for you.

RCI Tip: Struggling with ideas of places to go and things to do? Visit www.arrivalguides.rci.com to explore travel guides to more than 500 destinations waiting to be explored with your RCI membership.


LiveTrekker is an app which will keep a diary of your travels, so you need never strugle to recall that amazing place you visited several years back.

If you want to remember exactly where you've been on holiday then the LiveTrekker app is a great one to download. It will plot your entire journey and you can add things along the way, such as an online scrapbook with photos.

If you often look back on your adventures and wish you could remember exactly where you have been, download the LiveTrekker app. It’s like a digital diary which routes the journeys you make on an interactive map, allowing you to add travel scrapbooks, photos, videos and audio clips to document your wanderings. And it’s incredibly useful if you decide to return to a destination again, you can find that fabulous cafĂ© or attraction right away with ease and speed.

RCI Tip: This app is perfect if you often travel back to your home resort, or if you purchase an RCI Guest Certificate for your loved ones. Download it now and you can share your travels with them to help them plan their adventures too.

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